Osplay 1.0.13

New in 1.0.13:

Bug fixes
Add “Audio Directory (from file system)” and “Audio File (from file system)” which bypass the MediaStore. Audio Directory is the best way to load AmblingBooks files.
Files now analyzed for MIME-Type if they’re not in the MediaStore (meaning files that don’t have the right extension can still be opened with speed control if they are in the right format)
Scan media when Select Media Activity started
Support for editing playlists from the Select Media (long-click) or Play Media (press Menu) screens

6 Responses to “Osplay 1.0.13”

  1. rjh says:

    Can you modify the licensing system so that OSPlay works while in Airplane mode. I discovered this while traveling. Despite being the commercial version, it would not activate because the phone was in Airplane mode and there was no network access. I’m at 1.0.15.

  2. admin says:

    I’ve put together a fix. It will go out in 1.0.17, whenever that’s done.

    The licensing info is cached, and I did test for this, but it’s only cached for a minute. Not nearly long enough of a window to taxi to the runway, take to the air, and get bored with whatever else you were doing, but plenty of time for me to launch the app, change to airplane mode, and relaunch it, and decide it’s working fine.

  3. Marcus says:

    Would you guys consider creating a service API that other apps (like mine) could use to use Osplay as an alternate media player? For my app I’d just need the ability to launch Osplay with a given file and mime type, and then periodically query for the playback status of that file (media time, still playing, etc). Feel free to contact me via email if it’s easier.

  4. admin says:

    We’re evaluating it. I’ve sent you an e-mail with more information.

  5. JimInWoodstock says:

    What is the best way to ask questions about osplay? I do have the paid version. I registered at the forum and you say that you are used to getting questions via email. I cannot find your email address. I can post the questions here or in the forum or direct email. What do you prefer? If email, please pass along your email address.

  6. admin says:

    The forum’s nicer for users because it can be searched and referenced, but because it’s so low-traffic I don’t check it as often as I should and I can’t find any option in phpBB doesn’t seem to have an option to e-mail on all new posts. I do check it, but infrequently.

    My e-mail address is available either by looking at the Android Market entry and scrolling to the bottom of the listing, or from within Osplay by pressing the Menu hardware key, then “Report a Bug” or “Send Feedback.” Practice Makes Perfect has a similar option on its main menu. I’m not posting it directly here as a spam countermeasure, but that should allow you to contact me directly.

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